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 * pg_backup.h
 *    Public interface to the pg_dump archiver routines.
 *    See the headers to pg_restore for more details.
 * Copyright (c) 2000, Philip Warner
 *          Rights are granted to use this software in any way so long
 *          as this notice is not removed.
 *    The author is not responsible for loss or damages that may
 *    result from it's use.
 *          $PostgreSQL$

#ifndef PG_BACKUP_H
#define PG_BACKUP_H

#include "postgres_fe.h"

#include "pg_dump.h"

#include "libpq-fe.h"

#define atooid(x)  ((Oid) strtoul((x), NULL, 10))
#define oidcmp(x,y) ( ((x) < (y) ? -1 : ((x) > (y)) ?  1 : 0) )
#define oideq(x,y) ( (x) == (y) )
#define oidle(x,y) ( (x) <= (y) )
#define oidge(x,y) ( (x) >= (y) )
#define oidzero(x) ( (x) == 0 )

enum trivalue

typedef enum _archiveFormat
      archUnknown = 0,
      archCustom = 1,
      archFiles = 2,
      archTar = 3,
      archNull = 4
} ArchiveFormat;

typedef enum _archiveMode
} ArchiveMode;

typedef enum _teSection
      SECTION_NONE = 1,             /* COMMENTs, ACLs, etc; can be anywhere */
      SECTION_PRE_DATA,             /* stuff to be processed before data */
      SECTION_DATA,                       /* TABLE DATA, BLOBS, BLOB COMMENTS */
      SECTION_POST_DATA             /* stuff to be processed after data */
} teSection;

 *    We may want to have some more user-readable data, but in the mean
 *    time this gives us some abstraction and type checking.
typedef struct _Archive
      int               verbose;
      char     *remoteVersionStr;         /* server's version string */
      int               remoteVersion;    /* same in numeric form */

      int               minRemoteVersion;       /* allowable range */
      int               maxRemoteVersion;

      /* info needed for string escaping */
      int               encoding;         /* libpq code for client_encoding */
      bool        std_strings;      /* standard_conforming_strings */

      /* error handling */
      bool        exit_on_error;    /* whether to exit on SQL errors... */
      int               n_errors;         /* number of errors (if no die) */

      /* The rest is private */
} Archive;

typedef int (*DataDumperPtr) (Archive *AH, void *userArg);

typedef struct _restoreOptions
      int               create;                 /* Issue commands to create the database */
      int               noOwner;          /* Don't try to match original object owner */
      int               noTablespace;   /* Don't issue tablespace-related commands */
      int               disable_triggers;       /* disable triggers during data-only
                                                             * restore */
      int               use_setsessauth;/* Use SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION commands
                                                 * instead of OWNER TO */
      char     *superuser;          /* Username to use as superuser */
      char     *use_role;           /* Issue SET ROLE to this */
      int               dataOnly;
      int               dropSchema;
      char     *filename;
      int               schemaOnly;
      int               verbose;
      int               aclsSkip;
      int               tocSummary;
      char     *tocFile;
      int               format;
      char     *formatName;

      int               selTypes;
      int               selIndex;
      int               selFunction;
      int               selTrigger;
      int               selTable;
      char     *indexNames;
      char     *functionNames;
      char     *tableNames;
      char     *schemaNames;
      char     *triggerNames;

      int               useDB;
      char     *dbname;
      char     *pgport;
      char     *pghost;
      char     *username;
      int               noDataForFailedTables;
      enum trivalue promptPassword;
      int               exit_on_error;
      int               compression;
      int               suppressDumpWarnings;   /* Suppress output of WARNING entries
                                                             * to stderr */
      bool        single_txn;
      int               number_of_jobs;

      bool     *idWanted;           /* array showing which dump IDs to emit */
} RestoreOptions;

 * Main archiver interface.

extern void
exit_horribly(Archive *AH, const char *modulename, const char *fmt,...)
__attribute__((format(printf, 3, 4)));

/* Lets the archive know we have a DB connection to shutdown if it dies */

PGconn *ConnectDatabase(Archive *AH,
                        const char *dbname,
                        const char *pghost,
                        const char *pgport,
                        const char *username,
                        enum trivalue prompt_password);

/* Called to add a TOC entry */
extern void ArchiveEntry(Archive *AHX,
                   CatalogId catalogId, DumpId dumpId,
                   const char *tag,
                   const char *namespace, const char *tablespace,
                   const char *owner, bool withOids,
                   const char *desc, teSection section,
                   const char *defn,
                   const char *dropStmt, const char *copyStmt,
                   const DumpId *deps, int nDeps,
                   DataDumperPtr dumpFn, void *dumpArg);

/* Called to write *data* to the archive */
extern size_t WriteData(Archive *AH, const void *data, size_t dLen);

extern int  StartBlob(Archive *AH, Oid oid);
extern int  EndBlob(Archive *AH, Oid oid);

extern void CloseArchive(Archive *AH);

extern void RestoreArchive(Archive *AH, RestoreOptions *ropt);

/* Open an existing archive */
extern Archive *OpenArchive(const char *FileSpec, const ArchiveFormat fmt);

/* Create a new archive */
extern Archive *CreateArchive(const char *FileSpec, const ArchiveFormat fmt,
                    const int compression, ArchiveMode mode);

/* The --list option */
extern void PrintTOCSummary(Archive *AH, RestoreOptions *ropt);

extern RestoreOptions *NewRestoreOptions(void);

/* Rearrange and filter TOC entries */
extern void SortTocFromFile(Archive *AHX, RestoreOptions *ropt);
extern void InitDummyWantedList(Archive *AHX, RestoreOptions *ropt);

/* Convenience functions used only when writing DATA */
extern int  archputs(const char *s, Archive *AH);
extern int
archprintf(Archive *AH, const char *fmt,...)
/* This extension allows gcc to check the format string */
__attribute__((format(printf, 2, 3)));

#define appendStringLiteralAH(buf,str,AH) \
      appendStringLiteral(buf, str, (AH)->encoding, (AH)->std_strings)

#endif   /* PG_BACKUP_H */

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