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 * psql - the PostgreSQL interactive terminal
 * Copyright (c) 2000-2009, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
 * $PostgreSQL$
#ifndef PRINT_H
#define PRINT_H

#include "libpq-fe.h"

enum printFormat
      PRINT_NOTHING = 0,                  /* to make sure someone initializes this */
      /* add your favourite output format here ... */

typedef struct printTableOpt
      enum printFormat format;      /* one of the above */
      bool        expanded;         /* expanded/vertical output (if supported by
                                                 * output format) */
      unsigned short int border;    /* Print a border around the table. 0=none,
                                                 * 1=dividing lines, 2=full */
      unsigned short int pager;     /* use pager for output (if to stdout and
                                                 * stdout is a tty) 0=off 1=on 2=always */
      bool        tuples_only;      /* don't output headers, row counts, etc. */
      bool        start_table;      /* print start decoration, eg <table> */
      bool        stop_table;       /* print stop decoration, eg </table> */
      unsigned long prior_records;  /* start offset for record counters */
      char     *fieldSep;           /* field separator for unaligned text mode */
      char     *recordSep;          /* record separator for unaligned text mode */
      bool        numericLocale;    /* locale-aware numeric units separator and
                                                 * decimal marker */
      char     *tableAttr;          /* attributes for HTML <table ...> */
      int               encoding;         /* character encoding */
      int               env_columns;      /* $COLUMNS on psql start, 0 is unset */
      int               columns;          /* target width for wrapped format */
} printTableOpt;

 * Table footers are implemented as a singly-linked list.
 * This is so that you don't need to know the number of footers in order to
 * initialise the printTableContent struct, which is very convenient when
 * preparing complex footers (as in describeOneTableDetails).
typedef struct printTableFooter
      char *data;
      struct printTableFooter *next;
} printTableFooter;

 * The table content struct holds all the information which will be displayed
 * by printTable().
typedef struct printTableContent
      const printTableOpt *opt;
      const char  *title;                 /* May be NULL */
      int                ncolumns;        /* Specified in Init() */
      int                nrows;                 /* Specified in Init() */
      const char **headers;         /* NULL-terminated array of header strings */
      const char **header;          /* Pointer to the last added header */
      const char **cells;                 /* NULL-terminated array of cell content
                                                   strings */
      const char **cell;                  /* Pointer to the last added cell */
      printTableFooter *footers;  /* Pointer to the first footer */
      printTableFooter *footer;     /* Pointer to the last added footer */
      char        *aligns;          /* Array of alignment specifiers; 'l' or 'r',
                                                   one per column */
      char        *align;                 /* Pointer to the last added alignment */
} printTableContent;

typedef struct printQueryOpt
      printTableOpt topt;                 /* the options above */
      char     *nullPrint;          /* how to print null entities */
      bool        quote;                  /* quote all values as much as possible */
      char     *title;              /* override title */
      char    **footers;            /* override footer (default is "(xx rows)") */
      bool        default_footer; /* print default footer if footers==NULL */
      bool        translate_header; /* do gettext on column headers */
      const bool *translate_columns;      /* translate_columns[i-1] => do gettext on col i */
} printQueryOpt;

extern FILE *PageOutput(int lines, unsigned short int pager);
extern void ClosePager(FILE *pagerpipe);

extern void html_escaped_print(const char *in, FILE *fout);

extern void printTableInit(printTableContent *const content,
                        const printTableOpt *opt, const char *title,
                        const int ncolumns, const int nrows);
extern void printTableAddHeader(printTableContent *const content, 
                        const char *header, const bool translate, const char align);
extern void printTableAddCell(printTableContent *const content, 
                        const char *cell, const bool translate);
extern void printTableAddFooter(printTableContent *const content, 
                        const char *footer);
extern void printTableSetFooter(printTableContent *const content, 
                        const char *footer);
extern void printTableCleanup(printTableContent *const content);
extern void printTable(const printTableContent *cont, FILE *fout, FILE *flog);
extern void printQuery(const PGresult *result, const printQueryOpt *opt,
            FILE *fout, FILE *flog);

extern void setDecimalLocale(void);

#ifndef __CYGWIN__
#define DEFAULT_PAGER "more"
#define DEFAULT_PAGER "less"

#endif   /* PRINT_H */

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