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 * windowapi.h
 *      API for window functions to extract data from their window
 * A window function does not receive its arguments in the normal way
 * (and therefore the concept of strictness is irrelevant).  Instead it
 * receives a "WindowObject", which it can fetch with PG_WINDOW_OBJECT()
 * (note V1 calling convention must be used).  Correct call context can
 * be tested with WindowObjectIsValid().  Although argument values are
 * not passed, the call is correctly set up so that PG_NARGS() can be
 * used and argument type information can be obtained with
 * get_fn_expr_argtype(), get_fn_expr_arg_stable(), etc.
 * Operations on the WindowObject allow the window function to find out
 * the current row number, total number of rows in the partition, etc
 * and to evaluate its argument expression(s) at various rows in the
 * window partition.  See the header comments for each WindowObject API
 * function in nodeWindowAgg.c for details.
 * Portions Copyright (c) 2000-2009, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
 * $PostgreSQL$

/* values of "seektype" */

/* this struct is private in nodeWindowAgg.c */
typedef struct WindowObjectData *WindowObject;

#define PG_WINDOW_OBJECT() ((WindowObject) fcinfo->context)

#define WindowObjectIsValid(winobj) \
      ((winobj) != NULL && IsA(winobj, WindowObjectData))

extern void *WinGetPartitionLocalMemory(WindowObject winobj, Size sz);

extern int64 WinGetCurrentPosition(WindowObject winobj);
extern int64 WinGetPartitionRowCount(WindowObject winobj);

extern void WinSetMarkPosition(WindowObject winobj, int64 markpos);

extern bool WinRowsArePeers(WindowObject winobj, int64 pos1, int64 pos2);

extern Datum WinGetFuncArgInPartition(WindowObject winobj, int argno,
                                                        int relpos, int seektype, bool set_mark,
                                                        bool *isnull, bool *isout);

extern Datum WinGetFuncArgInFrame(WindowObject winobj, int argno,
                                                  int relpos, int seektype, bool set_mark,
                                                  bool *isnull, bool *isout);

extern Datum WinGetFuncArgCurrent(WindowObject winobj, int argno,
                                                  bool *isnull);

#endif   /* WINDOWAPI_H */

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