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 * psql - the PostgreSQL interactive terminal
 * Copyright (c) 2000-2009, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
 * $PostgreSQL$
#ifndef PSQLSCAN_H
#define PSQLSCAN_H

#include "pqexpbuffer.h"

#include "prompt.h"

/* Abstract type for lexer's internal state */
typedef struct PsqlScanStateData *PsqlScanState;

/* Termination states for psql_scan() */
typedef enum
      PSCAN_SEMICOLON,              /* found command-ending semicolon */
      PSCAN_BACKSLASH,              /* found backslash command */
      PSCAN_INCOMPLETE,             /* end of line, SQL statement incomplete */
      PSCAN_EOL                           /* end of line, SQL possibly complete */
} PsqlScanResult;

/* Different ways for scan_slash_option to handle parameter words */
enum slash_option_type
      OT_NORMAL,                          /* normal case */
      OT_SQLID,                           /* treat as SQL identifier */
      OT_SQLIDHACK,                       /* SQL identifier, but don't downcase */
      OT_FILEPIPE,                        /* it's a filename or pipe */
      OT_WHOLE_LINE,                      /* just snarf the rest of the line */
      OT_VERBATIM                         /* literal (no backticks or variables) */

extern PsqlScanState psql_scan_create(void);
extern void psql_scan_destroy(PsqlScanState state);

extern void psql_scan_setup(PsqlScanState state,
                        const char *line, int line_len);
extern void psql_scan_finish(PsqlScanState state);

extern PsqlScanResult psql_scan(PsqlScanState state,
              PQExpBuffer query_buf,
              promptStatus_t *prompt);

extern void psql_scan_reset(PsqlScanState state);

extern bool psql_scan_in_quote(PsqlScanState state);

extern char *psql_scan_slash_command(PsqlScanState state);

extern char *psql_scan_slash_option(PsqlScanState state,
                                 enum slash_option_type type,
                                 char *quote,
                                 bool semicolon);

extern void psql_scan_slash_command_end(PsqlScanState state);

#endif   /* PSQLSCAN_H */

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