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 * pgtime.h
 *      PostgreSQL internal timezone library
 * Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2009, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
 *      $PostgreSQL$
#ifndef _PGTIME_H
#define _PGTIME_H

 * The API of this library is generally similar to the corresponding
 * C library functions, except that we use pg_time_t which (we hope) is
 * 64 bits wide, and which is most definitely signed not unsigned.

typedef int64 pg_time_t;

struct pg_tm
      int               tm_sec;
      int               tm_min;
      int               tm_hour;
      int               tm_mday;
      int               tm_mon;                 /* origin 0, not 1 */
      int               tm_year;          /* relative to 1900 */
      int               tm_wday;
      int               tm_yday;
      int               tm_isdst;
      long int    tm_gmtoff;
      const char *tm_zone;

typedef struct pg_tz pg_tz;
typedef struct pg_tzenum pg_tzenum;

extern struct pg_tm *pg_localtime(const pg_time_t *timep, const pg_tz *tz);
extern struct pg_tm *pg_gmtime(const pg_time_t *timep);
extern int pg_next_dst_boundary(const pg_time_t *timep,
                               long int *before_gmtoff,
                               int *before_isdst,
                               pg_time_t *boundary,
                               long int *after_gmtoff,
                               int *after_isdst,
                               const pg_tz *tz);
extern size_t pg_strftime(char *s, size_t max, const char *format,
                  const struct pg_tm * tm);

extern void pg_timezone_pre_initialize(void);
extern void pg_timezone_initialize(void);
extern pg_tz *pg_tzset(const char *tzname);
extern bool tz_acceptable(pg_tz *tz);
extern bool pg_get_timezone_offset(const pg_tz *tz, long int *gmtoff);
extern const char *pg_get_timezone_name(pg_tz *tz);

extern pg_tzenum *pg_tzenumerate_start(void);
extern pg_tz *pg_tzenumerate_next(pg_tzenum *dir);
extern void pg_tzenumerate_end(pg_tzenum *dir);

extern pg_tz *session_timezone;
extern pg_tz *log_timezone;
extern pg_tz *gmt_timezone;

/* Maximum length of a timezone name (not including trailing null) */
#define TZ_STRLEN_MAX 255

#endif   /* _PGTIME_H */

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