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Public Attributes

_archiveHandle Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

char * archdbname
char * archiveDumpVersion
ArchiveEntryPtr ArchiveEntryPtr
char * archiveRemoteVersion
int blobCount
ClonePtr ClonePtr
ClosePtr ClosePtr
int compression
int connectToDB
time_t createDate
struct _tocEntrycurrentTE
char * currSchema
char * currTablespace
struct _tocEntrycurrToc
char * currUser
bool currWithOids
CustomOutPtr CustomOutPtr
int debugLevel
DeClonePtr DeClonePtr
EndBlobPtr EndBlobPtr
EndBlobsPtr EndBlobsPtr
EndDataPtr EndDataPtr
ArchiveFormat format
void * formatData
char * fSpec
int gzOut
size_t intSize
ArchiverStage lastErrorStage
struct _tocEntrylastErrorTE
void * lo_buf
size_t lo_buf_size
size_t lo_buf_used
int loFd
char * lookahead
size_t lookaheadLen
pgoff_t lookaheadPos
size_t lookaheadSize
DumpId maxDumpId
ArchiveMode mode
int noTocComments
void * OF
size_t offSize
PQExpBuffer pgCopyBuf
bool pgCopyIn
PrintExtraTocPtr PrintExtraTocPtr
PrintTocDataPtr PrintTocDataPtr
enum trivalue promptPassword
Archive public
ReadBufPtr ReadBufPtr
ReadBytePtr ReadBytePtr
ReadExtraTocPtr ReadExtraTocPtr
int readHeader
ReopenPtr ReopenPtr
char * savedPassword
PQExpBuffer sqlBuf
sqlparseInfo sqlparse
ArchiverStage stage
StartBlobPtr StartBlobPtr
StartBlobsPtr StartBlobsPtr
StartDataPtr StartDataPtr
struct _tocEntrytoc
int tocCount
int version
char vmaj
char vmin
char vrev
WriteBufPtr WriteBufPtr
WriteBytePtr WriteBytePtr
WriteDataPtr WriteDataPtr
WriteExtraTocPtr WriteExtraTocPtr
int writingBlob
bool writingCopyData

Detailed Description

Definition at line 174 of file pg_backup_archiver.h.

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