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Public Attributes

Tuplesortstate Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int activeTapes
long allowedMem
long availMem
int bound
bool bounded
bool boundUsed
int(* comparetup )(const SortTuple *a, const SortTuple *b, Tuplesortstate *state)
void(* copytup )(Tuplesortstate *state, SortTuple *stup, void *tup)
int current
int currentRun
Oid datumType
bool datumTypeByVal
int datumTypeLen
int destTape
bool enforceUnique
bool eof_reached
uint32 hash_mask
Relation indexRel
ScanKey indexScanKey
int Level
long markpos_block
bool markpos_eof
int markpos_offset
int maxTapes
int memtupcount
int memtupsize
bool * mergeactive
long * mergeavailmem
int * mergeavailslots
int mergefirstfree
int mergefreelist
int * mergelast
int * mergenext
int nKeys
bool randomAccess
void(* readtup )(Tuplesortstate *state, SortTuple *stup, int tapenum, unsigned int len)
int result_tape
void(* reversedirection )(Tuplesortstate *state)
ScanKey scanKeys
MemoryContext sortcontext
int sortFnFlags
FmgrInfo sortOpFn
TupSortStatus status
int tapeRange
int * tp_dummy
int * tp_fib
int * tp_runs
int * tp_tapenum
TupleDesc tupDesc
void(* writetup )(Tuplesortstate *state, int tapenum, SortTuple *stup)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 201 of file tuplesort.c.

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