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vars Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

int cflags
struct colormapcm
struct cveccv
struct cveccv2
rm_detail_t * details
struct smalldfa dfa1
struct smalldfa dfa2
int eflags
int err
struct gutsg
struct subrelacons
int lasttype
int lexcon
regoff_t * mem
int nexttype
chr nextvalue
struct nfanfa
int nlacons
color nlcolor
size_t nmatch
const chr * now
int nsubexp
size_t nsubs
int ntree
regmatch_t * pmatch
regex_t * re
const chr * savenow
const chr * savestop
chr * search_start
chr * start
chr * stop
const chr * stop
struct subresub10 [10]
struct subre ** subs
struct subretree
struct subretreechain
struct subretreefree
struct statewordchrs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 198 of file regcomp.c.

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