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state Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

pg_time_t ats [TZ_MAX_TIMES]
int charcnt
char chars [BIGGEST(BIGGEST(TZ_MAX_CHARS+1, 3),(2 *(TZ_STRLEN_MAX+1)))]
char flag
struct arcfree
int goahead
int goback
struct arcins
int leapcnt
struct lsinfo lsis [TZ_MAX_LEAPS]
struct statenext
int nins
int no
int noas
int nouts
struct arcbatch oas
struct arcouts
struct stateprev
int timecnt
struct statetmp
struct ttinfo ttis [TZ_MAX_TYPES]
int typecnt
unsigned char types [TZ_MAX_TIMES]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 277 of file regguts.h.

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